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the foundation


MVF aims to combat the stigma of HIV/AIDS and HBV in Sierra Leone. MVF will reach out to people with these health conditions and offer access to screening, diagnosis and treatment. Our commitment is to promote health awareness, support immunisation (including HBV birth dose vaccines) and treatment initiatives, and to serve as a primary source of information for patients, families and communities.

vision (+values?)

By 2026, MVF has an expectation that it will have completed the first phase of a development in building the initial modules of a dedicated HIV/AIDS and HBV clinic on the Lungi site and will begin to provide a comprehensive service in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS and HBV. Full clinic development will be rolled out over a 5-year period until 2030.

Our long-term vision is to sequentially develop HIV/AIDS and HBV services in other parts of the country, including training members of the lay population to undertake point-of-care testing for HIV/AIDS and HBV in rural communities. Those screened will then be offered free treatment in the nearest clinics.

the village


The origin of Mini's Village Foundation

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The Foundation

Mini's Village Foundation aims to make a positive impact in Sierra Leone. Together we can fight HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B as well as the stigma associated with these diseases.

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