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Who We are


By 2025 Mini’s Village Foundation  will expect to bring effective awareness towards sexual health conditions and diseases. An awareness and the screening service will help to identify individuals with  HIV, HBV and so early treatment intervention can commence. Our vision is to combat the  stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, and HBV by delivering consistently high standards, safety, and compassionate care for our patients. We aim to provide free HIV,  and HBV screening  and treatment services to local communities especially to young people age 14- 50 years. 

Our Mission

MVF will endeavour to fight stigma associated with  HIV/AIDS , HBV  in Sierra Leone 

Our commitment is to combat sexual disease awareness, supporting immunisation and treatment initiatives, and work alongside patients and their families, medical professionals, communities and the general public.

Our Values

  • Treat patient with respect and care

  • Put our patient needs at the heart of our services  

  • Act with compassion, integrity and honesty.

  • establishing systems and processes that are sustainable.

  • encouraging a spirit of support, respect and teamwork;

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