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What we do

What do we do

  • MVF aims to build Health Centre/ Hospital for the free treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD’s and other infection disease in Sierra Leone


  • MVF will endeavour to combat stigma associated with on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD’s and other infectious diseases in Sierra Leone.


  • MVF will provide outreach community diagnostic and screening programs to allow community screening of HIV, HBV, STD’s and other infectious diseases


  • Provide counselling for HIV/ AIDS, STD’s, HBV, and other infectious diseases patients.


  • MVF will advance the educational and awareness of the above disease.


  • MVF will promote sexual health awareness and combat stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, HBV (hepatitis B Virus) and sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s)


  • To increase support and create educational platforms for individual’s suffering with HIV/ AIDS, HBV and STD’s infection in Sierra Leone.


  • Provide free sexually transmitted diseases screening services for young persons aged 14 and adults aged up to 50 years in Sierra Leone.


  • MVF will provide care and support for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers with HIV/AIDS to prevent the transmission of the virus to their unborn child or children.


  • Challenge the stigma associated with these diseases and poor living quality, and to promote and prevent mental health episodes in patients suffering from the diseases.


  • Provide comprehensive care for people living with HIV/AIDS, HBV and other sexual transmitted diseases


  • Provide high quality, and caring services, for all patients'


  • Provide counselling services for HIV/AIDS patients


  • To promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of HIV/AIDS, HBV and sexually transmitted diseases in Sierra Leone West Africa.


  • Provide training and promote safe sex in the communities, University institution, colleges, and schools in Sierra Leone.


  • The relief of sickness (HIV/AIDS, HBV and other sexual health diseases and the preservation of health amongst people residing permanently Sierra Leone.


  • To advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to HIV/AIDS and STD’s


  • Provide community outreach program and awareness of HIV and STD’s in Sierra Leone


  • To preserve and protect the health of patients of living with HIV/AIDS, HBV and sexually transmitted diseases, by providing and assisting of facilities, support services, treatment, and equipment not normally provided by the statutory authorities.


  • To advance the education of the public in health care by providing lectures, forums, publication of newsletters devoted to healthcare.

Phase 1 of MVF Project Building

 MORDEN Molecular diagnostic research laboratory BIOSAFETY LEVEL 3

  • Process all medical samples from patient with HIV/ AIDS, STID’s, and Hepatitis and any other infectious disease for free.




  • Free assessment, diagnosis, treatment for our beneficiaries

  • Free counselling for beneficiaries

  • Free mental health support for HIV/AIDS, HBV, STD’s

  • Community outreach activities

Phase 2 of MVF Project - Modular Hospital

 Free Treatment of HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis, sexually transmitted disease, and other infectious disease.

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