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World Hepatitis Day - 28th July 2023

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Do you know your Hepatitis status? So many people who have hepatitis are unaware they have the infection. In some cases the viruses can be symptomless whereby they are not getting the treatments they need and possibly passing on the virus to others without knowing !!!! According to WHO 27 July 2022 . It found that in 19 countries, more than 8% of the population is infected with Hepatitis B, while in 18 countries, more than 1% of the population lives with Hepatitis C. In 2020, the African region accounted for 26% of the global burden for Hepatitis B and C and 125,000 associated deaths. Around 70% of Hepatitis B infections worldwide occur in Africa. It can take decades after infection from the virus before an individual starts manifesting symptoms. Thus, what is particularly worrying for the future is that the region accounts for 70% of the global Hepatitis B cases found among children younger than 5 years, with 4.5 million African children infected. Currently, 33 countries have a Hepatitis B prevalence of more than 1% among children younger than 5 years, which is a small improvement from 40 countries in 2019. Call to action now !!!!!’#get tested

#get treatment and live

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