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It is safe  to assume that most people have lost their friends , relatives or love ones to HIV/AIDS. In 2017, I lost some one significant in my life to HIV/AIDS in Sierra Leone West Africa.  Aunty Mini was a young energic woman with great sense of humor. She was a nurse by profession, who love caring for her patients and her love ones. Early of 2017, she was diagnose with HIV, it was a heart breaking moment for us as family and especially her only daughter, the news of her HIV status spread through the community in which she lived  like a bush fire in a hammer town. Her her condition, progresses , it was evident that the community in which she lived started to stigmatized her condition, her close friends no longer wanted to come close to her, people in the community no longer wanted to associate with her, not even to sell any food products to her or take part in any community activities, because of their lack of understanding of the condition. Access to treatment was limited if not impossible  to get. We finally lost her late 2017.

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